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About Us

Based on the experience acquired in the area of communications we decided to create a company of electronics with the end of providing everyday technology solutions and new designs in the systems of cable television, internet and telephone, including the equipments of the head ends, red transmission and the de-codifiers. Our installations are located geographically in the South Florida, Miami area.

Our company counts with more than twenty four years of experience in the design, programming and evolvement of electronic equipment implicated in the area of neurosurgery and telecommunications. In the course of the years innovated diverse solutions had been applied in a very successful form to much telecommunication equipment in diverse areas of electrical digital and analogical. Nowadays we have been certified by the company Cisco in television systems by analog cable. We have clients in different branches of the electronic and geographic localization like United States and countries in Latin-America.

Our Company also provides with a laboratory of highly qualify engineers and technicians accompanied by instruments and computer software. Dedicated to prove, design and generate technical solutions according to the needs of our customers