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Fiber Optical Splice Enclosure Box we supplied are corruption-resistant,airleakage-resistant.

Purpose: Aerial, Direct-burying, Wall-mounting, Pipeline laying way.


Environmental temperature: -40 to +85
Atmospheric pressure: 70106KPa
Optic property: The spare fiber coiled in the fiber emplacing device; the fiber connector wont attenuate during the FOSC installation operation period.
Voltage-resistance strength: Under the effect of 15kv/DC/1min, non-puncture, and no arc-over.
Insulation resistance: ≥2X104MΩ
Maximum capacity:

280 cores

Span-life: 30 years.
It is widely used for communication, network system, cabled T.V. of CATV, the fiber optic cable by network
Uses and properties:

It is belonged to open structure airproof tie-in system of machine pressure.
It is used for the protective connection between two or more optical cables
Suitable for single core fiber optic cable and ribbon fiber optic cable

External dimensions:


Weight: 4.00kgs


Split type(quick installation type)

Material: Engineering plastics
Maximum capacity: 80 cores