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Scrambler 8656x



The Model 8656 Scrambler provides dynamic switched sync suppression, video and sync inversion, and dropfield scrambling. These scrambling modes can be configured for any individual mode or a combination using up to ten pre-defined dynamic modes. The scrambler is compatible with all existing Scientific-Atlanta addressable and non-addressable home terminals. In addition, the scrambler is compatible in Jerrold, Zenith, Hamlin, Eagle, Tocom, and Pioneer scrambling systems.

The scrambler transmits conditional access information to the 8600X advanced analog HCT using the vertical blanking interval (VBI) of the video channel. The 8600X HCT transactions are received by the scrambler at a rate of 153.6 kbps from the Model 8658 Headend Controller (HEC). The scrambler supports up to ten lines for VBI data transmission at a rate of 59 transactions per second on a single VBI line. This provides a total throughput of 590 transactions per second on a single channel. Descrambling information is also transmitted in the VBI. Descrambling transactions for the 8600X HCT are encrypted using a random seed generator and unique session keys.

  • Secures premium video and pay-per-view services with more than 50 scrambling modes
  • Supports 8600X HCT(VBI) and Model 8600 home terminal (Audio) type datatransactions
  • Supports 8600X HCT and Model 8600 home terminal messaging, as well asinteractive viewing guide and virtual channel data transmission for the 8600XHCT with 512 kB memory
  • Video scrambling compatible with all new and existing Scientific-Atlantaaddressable and non-addressable descrambling systems
  • Remote control via System Manager
  • Front panel setup and calibration
  • Upgradable to SoundProtect audio masking capability

Electrical Baseband Video

Input level

V / p-p

0.5 V p-p to 2 V p-p
(1 V p-p nominal)
(neg. going sync)

Output level

V / p-p / %

1 V p-p ± 10%

Input impedance


75 Ω , unbalanced

Input return loss

dB / KHz / MHz

30 dB (min) from
100 kHz to 4.5 MHz

Chrominance-to-luminance delay


70 ns (max)

Differential group delay

ns / p-p / MHz

70 ns p-p (max) up to 3.7 MHz

Differential gain


1.5% (max)

Differential phase


2° (max)

Frequency response

dB / p-p / KHz / MHz

0.5 dB p-p max ripple from 100 kHz to 3.7 MHz, >26 dB attenuation from 4.4 to 10 MHz

Response slope

dB / MHz / KHz

0.3 dB/MHz max from 100 kHz to 3.7 MHz

Audio IF

Input level

dBmV / dB

+37 dBmV ± 6 dB

Insertion loss

dB / MHz / KHz

0 ± 0.5 dB (at 41.25 MHz, ±73 kHz)



75 Ω , unbalanced

Hum and noise


-60 dB

Data pulse heigh


4.0 to 7.0 dB, adjustable

Sync buzz reduction level


5.8 dB ± 0.2 dB

Harmonic distortio


< 0.2% THD

Spurious outputs


< -57 dB