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Node NTX-9040



Part Number : NTX-9940

With the development and construction of HFC, traditional broadcast distributive CATV network is changing into bi-directional cross network.

Passive fiber network and passive coaxial cable is the main mode of HFC network instruction, aiming at establishing a wideband multi-media communication platform which can provide kinds of information for local areas.

HFC development trend is that fiber is extending to more subscribers, optic nodes service semi-diameter becomes shorter, and bi-directional users is increasing.

Reliability and service quality is also improving.

General feature

Multi-channel high level output :
Neurotronix NTX-9940 has dependent four ports high level output. 59channel NTSC,output level 9940A>108dBμV, 9940B>111dBμV。Passive cable distributive network has such requirements in order to distribute to subscribers directly, cover large areas. Without afterward amplifier, they can still reduce reverse channel noise and interfere funnel effect.

Reliability :
1. Power-supply standby : NTX-9940 can have two efficient switch power-supply, once one of them is out of operation, it can switch into the other within the time <0.15s。

2. Optic standby: 9940can have two( four )optic receiving modules,that can receive optic signals from different channels. If one signal of them is defected, controlled RF detector can switch into another signal .9940 can have four return path transmitter module therefore there can be two routes return path transmitter modules standby.

3. RF standby :during HFC network reconstruction , we can keep the former cable network, then add A/B switch RF main board, so when the optic cable is broken, it will be automatically switch into cable network.

• Flexibility :(assemble, gradable ) HFC network‘s trend is bi-directional cross network. As a 1GHz communication platform, all of the functional parts and components of NTX 9940 is insert instruction, at the early period; it can be installed simply with basic function, with the increasing of demands, new functions can be added by inserting modules. Upgrade can be finished at spot

• Maintainable:

1. Working state display and test port

• RF main board:-20dBm test port for every output level and return path level.

• Optic receiving modules: 10V/mW optic power test (network management ),low power alarm,output level -20dB test 。

• optic transmitter module:1V/mW ,0.01V/mAbias current test(network management ),optic power display ,-20dBdrive level test

• Power-supply:AC60V、+24V、+15V(+5V)、-5V test(network management ).

• Easy to install, test, maintain.

• Every RF output level 、slope,every return path level , output level of every optic receiving module, input level of every optic transmitter modules could be tested separately

• Any functional module is defected, such as amplifier modules, optic receiving module, optic transmitter, module, power switch. User can change them at once.

• Optic cable and components are installed on the upper housing, user can replace them easily.

• With specialized fiber-match box, suitable for 6~8 enamels。