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Amplifier Motorola



BLE 750 & 870 Mhz Line Extender

Motorola’s STARLINE® series line extender, model BLE 75*/* ,BLE87*/*, leads the industry in features and performance and is designed to meet the needs of today's expanding broadband communication networks. This two-way capable single output amplifier offers high gain, high output levels, ergonomics, superior distortion performance, four diplex filter options, 16 dB return loss, and Bode equalization. The BLE87*/* also allows optional advanced features such as ingress control switching and status monitoring.

  • 870 MHz Enhanced Gallium Arsenide (E-GaAs) power doubling technology
  • High gain
  • High output level
  • Four diplex filter options
  • Ease-of-use ergonomics
  • 16 dB return loss
  • 60/90 V powering Meets Telcordia GR-1098-Core voltage surge requirements using surge waveforms as described in IEEE C62.41
  • FCC, CENELEC and CCC approved
  • Bode equalization (thermal or auto controlled)
  • 15 ampere AC capability
  • Optional return path ingress control and status monitor
  • Directional coupler –20 dB test points