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Cisco 7200 VXR Series Routers Overview

The Cisco 7200 VXR Series Router delivers exceptional performance/price, modularity, and scalability in a compact form factor with a wide range of deployment options.

Cisco 7200 VXR Series Router With processing speeds up to 2 million packets per second, port- and service adapters ranging from NxDS0 to Gigabit Ethernet, and OC-3 as well as an unparalleled number of high-touch IP services, the Cisco 7200 VXR series is the ideal Services Aggregation WAN/MAN edge device for enterprises and service providers deploying any of the following solutions:
  • WAN edge—Award-winning quality-of-service (QoS) feature performance
  • Broadband aggregation—Up to 16,000 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) sessions per chassis
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching provider edge (MPLS PE)—Number one choice for provider edge deployment today
  • Voice/video/data integration—Time-division multiplexer (TDM)-enabled VXR chassis and voice port adapters
  • IP-to-IP Gateway Support—Direct IP-interconnections
  • IP Security virtual private networking (IPSec VPN)—Scalable to 5,000 tunnels per chassis
  • High-End Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)—For managed WAN services saving equipment, transport and administrative cost
The Cisco 7200 VXR addresses these solution requirements by integrating functions previously performed by separate devices into a single platform. Through this integration, the Cisco 7200 VXR provides a single, cost-effective platform that supports:
  • High-density LAN and WAN interfaces
  • Broadband subscriber services aggregation, including PPP, RFC 1483 termination, and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) tunneling
  • Digital T1/E1 TDM trunk termination for voice, video, and data
  • High-density multichannel T3/E3 and T1/E1 with integrated channel service unit/data service unit (CSU/DSU)
  • ATM and Packet over SONET (POS) connectivity
  • ATM IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM) for voice, video, and data
  • Light-density Layer 2 Ethernet switching