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Part Number : NTX-SLM-870

Is a handheld optical power meter, the equipment have electronic and optical components is used to significantly improve the stability and the reliability.

The Power meter allow a wide range of power measurement, high accuracy.


Frequency Range 46 — 870MHz
Channels All user designate Channels
Level Range 30dBμV — 120dBμV
Accuracy ±1.5dBuV(under room temperature) 2.5dBuV(- l0 — +40℃)
Input impedance 75Ω(BNC or F connector)
Max Channel Scan 125 Channels
Scan Range All Channels within 5(46)--870MHz
Memory Groups 14 Groups(00--13) Each group store Max 100 Channels
Voltage Range 0 – 100 VAC; 0 – 100 VDC
Dimension 214mm x 94mm X 47mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Working Temperature -l0℃ -- + 40℃.
Display LCD 30 Channels/Min
Display LCD TN LCD with back light
DC Supply DC 7.2V/1.2Ah rechargeable battery
AC Supply AC 110V/60Hz±10%