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Conditional Access System



Neurotronix Conditional Access System (CAS) can encrypt control words and user authorization information within a stable and highly secured environment. This system is 100% compatible with DVB simul-crypt standard, with high reliability and bi-directional interactive services. So that it could satisfy operators' various needs and requirements with high performance price ratio. In the bi-directional transmission network, our system could offer the interactive services, such as subscriber identification authority, online program ordering and audience survey.

CAS is considered as the core unit of complete DTV system. It has two main functions. One is cooperating with Scrambler to realize the scrambling of the TS, and the anther is to realize the encryption of CW (Control Word/Code Word). At the same time, the CAS needs to cooperate with the SMS and receive the authorization management information from it.

CAS Detailed Structure


  • Modular design eases future expansion and customized function development
  • Upgradable from unidirectional CAS
  • Reliable online audience survey statistics
  • Support online program reservation and ordering
  • Support checking of billing information
  • Support dual-level smart card distribution from CAS provider and operator

Hardware Requirement

Server Configuration
CPU: Xeon E5606 and above
Memory: 4 GB and above
Hard disk: the free space is 2GB and above
Hard disk number: 2 (Raid1)
Network card 1 GB Network Card x2
Server Encryption Module
Encryption hardware: Encryption dog x1
Rechange Module
Signal receive: Easy pay hardware (Optional)

Software Requirement

Function Software: CAS Software
  Easy pay software (Optional)
Database: SQL server 2005
Operating System: Windows Server 2003
  Windows Server 2000

CAS System Structure