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Service Optical Cable



Fiber Optic Service Cables are designed to simplify the installation and maintenance of optical network products such as nodes and amplifiers. A furcation unit terminates one end of each jacketed service cable with 2 mm color-coded sub-units that are connectorized for the particular module. The opposite ends of the service cables are 900μm pigtails suitable for splicing in splice enclosures.

  • Four, six, and eight fiber options.
  • Connectorized ends are staggered to simplify installation.
  • Choice of 60 ft. and 100 ft. standard lengths.
  • Color-coded fiber jackets throughout the cable for easy fiber identification.
  • 2 mm subunits guarantee maximum clearance inside node and amplifier housings.
  • The pigtail end has 6 feet of outer jacket removed to save installation time.
  • A standard 5/8-24 aluminum entry fitting is sealed with epoxy to protect against water penetration and provides >100 lbs of cable pull-out retention.
  • The cable is a breakout style, core-lock design with single mode fiber (8.3/125μm), encased in an ASTM-2 oil-resistant, polyurethane outer jacket.
  • All service cables are shipped with a protective sleeve over both the connectorized and pigtail ends to prevent handling damage and water/dust contamination.